Feb 11th

I'm going to be real here, I was worried about what the images from this day were going to look like. It was SO magical but also SO chaotic as we had to move ceremony locations to avoid winds that at points knocked this 5'2 girl over (Camille was fine, she's tall and well centered). We had about 30 sandbags behind that insanely stunning ceremony structure, but it was one of those times that we were praying hard the backdrop wouldn't go flying away into the desert.

All was good friends! And when I saw what Michelle Lillywhite and Devon of Scala Pictures had created from this day, I could have cried. They captured all the magic and heart behind this little vow renewal and rose above (and even used to their benefit) something that they could have used as an excuse.

10Year 289

The moments before the vow renewal were the sweetest. Devon is Bri's sister in law so the kids sat and ate their sandwiches with Bobby while Devon helped Bri with her hair and makeup (ummm, can she do my hair and makeup on the side every day?). What really stood out to me during this time was how intentional Michelle was with Bri, Bobby, and their kids as they ate lunch and began getting ready--more so than any photographer I've seen before. She took a vested interest in who they are, their story, and who their children were--simply because she cared and was genuinely interested. Basically, these two stole my heart this day and I will forever recommend them from the rooftops. NOW, back to the real story here...Bri + Bobby!

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Bri + Bobby met a little over ten years ago, when they were in their second month of college at Sonoma State University. Bobby took Bri out for donuts, and mere weeks later, she was secretly telling friends that she knew she would one day marry him. During their third year of university, B+B attended a fraternity formal is Lake Tahoe, where Bobby pinned Bri. If you know anything about Greek life — this is a huge deal.

The following summer, right after they finished their finals, Bobby asked Bri to dinner to celebrate. She shares: On the way to dinner I noticed that his hands were dripping wet with sweat but I didn’t think too much about it. When we got to the restaurant it was completely empty and Bobby got down on his knee and proposed. The owners of the Italian restaurant came out cheering and popped a bottle of champagne for us! All of our friends were waiting around the corner to celebrate with us. We got married the following June just after finishing our senior year of college.

How sweet is that? A decade of marriage, and two kids later--they asked us come with them to the desert to reaffirm that their decision at 19 was still the best one they've made.

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In terms of design, something we always have in mind is how we can best work with the space and highlight the location in a thoughtful and purposeful way. We wanted to keep it on the minimal side for this ceremony space, highlighting the incredible backdrop NicRoc Designs built mimicking the infamous wall on the Lautner Compound property. One of my favorite elements about this wall is that it stands as a unique statement element, yet still allows you to see the desert through it. Nectar & Bloom did a phenomenal job of creating a stunning floral design to pair with it: simple, yet bold Birds of Paradise juxtaposed with the muted, neutral painted tropical foliage. We chose ghost chairs to almost blend in with the desert to compliment and speak to the presence yet visibility of the desert through the wall, yet still provide a modern, clean design element.

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The patience and love these two have as they interact with their kids is so powerful. Buzzy with his pacifier in is the cutest sight.

Bobby gave Elle, their 4 year old, a ring and they had a mock ceremony with her bird of paradise 'bouquet' and I mean, the look on her face says it all.

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Planning by Crowned Events
Photography by Michelle Lillywhite
Videography by Scala Pictures
Florals by Nectar + Bloom
Backdrop by Nic Roc Designs
Tabletop rentals by Hostess Haven
Dress by The Dress Theory San Diego
Tux by The Black Tux